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Short CommentsIf you have trouble writing 140 chracters TheTenWordReview.com is the site for you. Here goes: Ten word reviews of movies etc. Twitter's little brother. 10!

Lol Cats are one of the more annoying internet memes. It has spawned countless websites dedicated to showing pictures of cute cats with silly captions written in supposed cat language. Lol cats apparently always want cheeseburgers (which they spell cheezeburger) and speak in a broken English patois that is heavy on verbs. They are prone to uttering phrases such as "hungree kitteh iz in ur frige, eeting ur fud." Mercifully, most writen Lol Cat language has been restricted to captions on photographs. It was not known that Lol Cats had developed a sufficiently complex language to discuss philosophy or religion, but now the LOL Cat Bibe translation project from translating the Bible into cat language. Includes a dissertation written in LOL cat about the existence of Ceiling Cat. You have to ask yourself: who has the time to do something like this?

OwnYourC.com is a poll with a difference. The unusual site design and images actually makes you want to answer their questions.
Chicken Web CamHencam.co.uk is a webcam to watch chickens. That is all.
Cheese web camAn experience somewhat worse than watching paint dry: CheddarVision.tv/ is where you can watch a large block of cheddar cheese age. And in case you missed any of the action there is also a time lapse video of the past 12 months. The blocks of cheddar even have names.


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